LOVEMORE, a visionary movement founded by Jeremy Hodges, an artist, award-winning creative director, and serial entrepreneur hailing from Chicago, has officially unveiled its debut line of artistic creations, including apparel and prints. The movement's powerful message of love, positivity, and unity has already adorned the city of Chicago with eye-catching posters, stickers, and signs.

Hodges conceived LOVEMORE as a response to the increasing need for positivity in our polarized world. In bringing his vision to life, LOVEMORE has meticulously curated a captivating collection of artistic expressions. These works will be disseminated through various channels, such as specialty pins, prints, stickers, shirts, and tote bags, with plans to expand into additional product lines in the future.

LOVEMORE products will feature striking and unmistakable color schemes, along with bold branding, consistently channeling the essence of the movement. They will be available for purchase on the official LOVEMORE website, with a percentage of each sale earmarked for donations to inspiring causes dedicated to fostering a more diverse, inclusive, equitable, and accessible world.

Hodges shared his heartfelt motivation, stating, "LOVEMORE has been a longstanding passion project, born out of a deep desire to perpetually celebrate and champion the inherent beauty within every individual and the world at large. Through this movement, our goal is to kindle a collective flame that radiates love, kindness, and compassion across the globe. It's an honor to collaborate with Noelle and Diversify the Stage, as well as an exceptional group of artists who all share our belief in spreading love and effecting positive change in the world."

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